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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

As well as in the first part, we shall see Alex's lion, gippopotamihu Gloria, Martin's zebra, giraffe Melmana and penguins, in quantity of five pieces. This time the plot is developed in Africa. There Alex finds the parents, passes tournament, is expelled and is recognized in opinion of inhabitants of a zoo of Africa.

Has published admin November 20 2008 8:47:14 AM
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The main animated blockbaster of year
Robot VALL*I diligently works on the become empty Earth, clearing our planet from mountains of dust which were left after themselves by the people who have departed to space. It also does not represent, that absolutely soon there will be improbable events owing to which it will meet friends, will rise to stars and even will manage to change to the best the former owners who have absolutely forgotten the native Earth.
The designer of project Ralf Egglston has gathered inspiration for creation of shape ВАЛЛ*И from sketches NASA of 60 and 70th and from conceptual figures for an attraction « the World of the future » in park Disneyland, developed by studio Disney Imagineers.
Has published admin June 17 2008 0:56:15 AM
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Sacred love to magic
The cycle ranobe Kadzumy Kamati To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magic Index) will be picturized in the form of a аниме-serial. Action of these novels occurs in the world similar to ours where supernatural forces have replaced a science, and magic – religion. The protagonist of Volume Kamidzyo – the next usual schoolboy allocated by special gift Imagine Breaker.
Has published admin June 17 2008 0:43:08 AM
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The animated cartoon " kung-фу the Panda " has headed the American hire
More than sixty millions dollars the Panda " in the first day of hire across Canada and was possible to collect to an animation picture " kung-фу the USA. That, the animated cartoon became the most successful in history of manufacture of company Dream Works.
Has published admin June 17 2008 0:35:13 AM
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« Big Buck Bunny » from Blender Institute
Amsterdam the short animated cartoon « Big Buck Bunny » from Blender Institute has been presented. The main feature of this project - that it is made by means of the software with the open initial code (opensource). As the purpose of creation of film was, more likely, debugging of the software, with a plot especially did not potter. The plot is rectilinear, with a lot of severe stages (though and without bloodshed).
Has published admin June 17 2008 0:08:58 AM
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Columbia Pictures picturizes komiks about wood gnomes
Movie companies Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation will borrow in a screen version komiksa about wood gnomes of blue color "Smarfah" («Smurfs»).
In new film there will be also a game of alive actors, and modern 3D animation. The script of animation film most likely will write Dzhej David Stem and David N.Uajss, worked above the second and third part of a cartoon film "SHrek".
Has published admin June 16 2008 11:33:37 PM
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Founders of "Madagascar" have removed continuation
Founders of a popular cartoon film "Madagascar" already have almost finished work above its continuation " Madagascar-2: Runaway to Africa ". The first cartoon film has collected in hire more than 500 million dollars and has bypassed on this parameter even "SHreka". In Russia prime-minister of second "Madagascar" takes place on October, 30th.
Has published admin June 16 2008 11:18:25 PM
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Anime Osamu Tedzuka
17 June at a cinema "Art" will pass display anime Osamu Tedzuka.
The program is dated for the 80 anniversary from the date of a birth of the known movie cartoonist. Director Osamu Tedzuka (1928 – 1989) became known as the author and the illustrator manga in 50th years. Its glory of the movie cartoonist grew together with the industry of animation in Japan. O.Tedzuka's world recognition has received in 60th years when its television children's cartoon serial " King of jungle " has been duplicated and shown in the USA.
Has published admin June 16 2008 11:09:07 PM
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"Smeshariki" have celebrated the fifth anniversary
To the project "Smeshariki" 5 years were executed.
The cartoon serial started in March, 2003 at new studio of computer animation "Petersburg", has quickly gone uphill. One hundred the magicians working at powerful graphic stations for 2D-and 3D-animations, could make half an hour of a ready material in a month.
Has published admin June 11 2008 8:02:03 AM
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Prime-minister of a cartoon film « Star dogs of Fiber and the Arrow »
1 December 2009 it is expected world prime-minister of the комедийно-adventure Russian cartoon film based on real events, under the name " Star dogs of Fiber and the Arrow ". The habitual course of things is broken! The circus dog of Fiber will not leave any more on an arena to submit hearts of spectators, and the mongrel the Arrow will not spend the night in gates and to search to itself for livelihood. Now they not simply dogs, and members of group of cosmonauts. And only the most worthy, the most hardy will go to submit a space.
Has published admin June 11 2008 7:28:12 AM
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"Sojuzmultfilm" has noted the 72 anniversary
72 Year the film studio "Sojuzmultfilm" - the main platform during Soviet time on manufacture of animation back has been created.
"Sojuzmultfilm" it is formed by the order of Central administrative board of the film-photoindustry as a result slijanijanija various workshops on the basis of multstudii GUKF. The first children's cartoon film which has left on a film studio in 1936, referred to " In Africa zharko ", and year later after opening a film studio, there were first color cartoon films.
Has published admin June 11 2008 6:36:46 AM
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